About Us

Studio Landscape is a landscape architectural firm located in Southern California specializing in the interconnection between people and place with an emphasis on sustainability, ecology and whole systems design.We offer comprehensive landscape design and consulting services with a strong collaborative approach for civic, commercial, institutional, agricultural and residential clients – providing that extra edge.Our goal is to create design solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.We are about:visioning, beauty, empowering, thriving, generating, restoring, intention, team building, community, connections, ecology, environment, experiencing, sustainability, design, solutions…


We are passionate about sustainability…because it makes sense. We love working with the land from wild places to the urban core. We love connections…people, places, plants, animals, the watershed, the airshed, and the soil that supports us. We believe that this interconnection is vital to creating beautiful and functional spaces and places, to honoring those places that need healing and to knowing and understanding those places where we should tread lightly, if at all.


  • Better fire protection
  • Lowers energy costs via site selection and structure orientation
  • Energy conservation using trees for climate control around structures
  • Saves time, money and other resources by incorporating on-site, reused recycled or local materials
  • Plants flourish by integrating soil health with specific site conditions
  • Healthier living conditions by using ‘green’ materials
  • IPM for better pest control
  • Landscape investment thrives due to groundwater recharge and innovative rain harvesting
  • Lower water bills through conservation using state-of-the-art irrigation systems
  • Protects property and waterways by naturally minimizing erosion and runoff pollution with vegetation
  • Preserves and enhances wildlife habitat
  • Cost savings by reducing green waste
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels


Drawing from the natural environment and the art and science of landscape architecture, Kathy masterfully embraces and expresses the fundamentals of stewardship, environmental responsibility and great design. With over 40 years of experience in the landscape industry, and an innate sense of aesthetics, form and function her ability to work with design teams and clients is a valued component. Understanding how to work with people and work with the land – making connections, is what sets us apart.


Professional Certificate Landscape Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science, Ornamental HorticultureCal Poly San Luis Obispo, California

Urban Permaculture Certificate

Los Angeles, California

International Development Permaculture Certificate

Quail Springs


Landscape Architect, State of California #5728

Landscape Contractor, State of California #915632

PCA, State of California #73582 (IPM, Sustainable Methods)


American Society of Landscape Architects

California Landscape Contractors Association

Worldwide Permaculture Network

California Native Plant Society



Tree Advisory Board, City of Ojai

Community Forest Management Plan

Planning Commissioner, City of Ojai

Architectural Review

Complete Streets

Model Water Landscape Ordinance